Random Thoughts I Forgot To Post

dune series (17)

I chose a picture from my “Dune” album for no specific reason, other than the voices in my head were playing both bagpipes and flutophone, the most cacophonous possible musical combination in the universe.

(Unless my sister-in-law is singing again. One time she was singing in a choir on television. A sign language interpreter was signing the performance. When my sister-in-law started singing a solo, the sign language interpreter gave her the finger. True story!)
When I first heard that Jose’s was closing, I was scared that it might have been the Springdale location. I need it to continue on – otherwise I won’t have a “zero” on my quality scale.
I ordered a cup of coffee. The clerk said “No, you can’t have one.” I hate the dry cleaners. And Chad, too – that guy stinks for sure.
The service was like a well-broken machine. (A restaurant review…)
I’m staying at a Holiday Inn Express tonight. So expect really smart things from me tomorrow. I had lunch at a place so disorganized I half-expected the “Hoarders” TV show crew to pop out of the back room at any moment. (PS By the end of the culinary experience, I was hoping it would happen.)

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