A Children’s Book for Xmas

Recently, I finished one of the best surprises I’d made in a while. I made a very basic story book with many edited pictures for a friend’s son. While the premise of the story was religious in nature, really I just wanted to try to make something that might be remembered fondly.

After getting all the ideas compiled, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Snapfish was offering something similar to what I wanted for a steal. I would have paid $100 per book, as I spent many, many hours editing the photos and trying to get the project to fit inside the confines of the finished book. I bought two copies, as I needed to ‘see’ it with my hands.

It was a labor of love and it was something that I had a great deal of fun and moments of introspection doing it. I made dozens of pictures I discarded. Toward the end, I realized that I was letting myself get too far astray from the purpose of the story book – and from that realization, it was easy.

text page 4text page 6text page 7text page 10text page 11text page 20text page 21text page 30text page 31text page 40text page 41text page 50text page 51 - Copytext page 60text page 61 (2)text page 70text page 71text page 72text page 80text page 81text page 90text page 91text page 100 (2)text page 101text page 140

Here are pictures of the book once finished…



The book was a success with the child’s mom. I had so hoped it would be both a surprise and a treasure. So much of what I do is far from expectations. I sent the extra to her mother, the child’s grandmother, hoping it might be as well-received with her.

From there, I made a video version of the book and made it available to the mom digitally. It too was a success. I used a surprising song to provide the background music: Disturbed: The Sound of Silence.



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