Personal Items Transformed…

I had a custom fabric shower curtain made for Dawn. It didn’t cost as much as you would imagine, but it totally changes the bathroom. The vibrancy of colors reminds me of Willy Wonka, or what might occur if you let a crazy person decorate your house. One picture is of me holding it up in the living room, the other is after I put it up in the bathroom and the last image is the original image I used to make the shower curtain. There are multiple pictures of Dawn, her sister Darla and me. I think I surprised Dawn with this one. (See what happens when I don’t get to see a doctor? )

shower curtain

shower curtain 01122016 (1)

shower curtain 01122016 (2)

The shower curtain was made by CafePress, who I normally don’t use. The fabric, colors, and quality seem to be fantastic. While most people thought it was creative and really interesting, a few played the ‘creepy’ card, which is a good sign. Playing it safe with personal items is a good way to be boring.

In a weird coincidence, another one of Dawn’s surprises arrived just minutes before the custom shower curtain: a 24″ metal flat sculpture I had someone make for Dawn. I just installed it in the archway coming out of the living room. Dawn likes monkeys and since I couldn’t seem to find exactly what I wanted to get her as a surprise, I had a craftsman make it for me. The pictures don’t do it justice.

etsy monkey sculpture 01122016 (1)etsy monkey sculpture 01122016 (2)


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