Saturday Morning Randomness


Fruit chews. I can imagine some of the snarled sneers of distaste. I’ve heard many people complain about this candy, saying it tastes like ear wax yanked from unsuspecting people’s ears and lightly flavored with fruits from another planet. But I love it. It’s as good as salted black licorice, Tab soda or pico de gallo with extra cilantro.



couple of individuals



rule 569 weird name
No offense toward any specific eatery, but what a mess some of these places have named themselves. I can’t tell if they are places to eat, where to buy hand grenades, or food poisoning control centers. (I think I might name a diner “McDonald’s Canteen Tearoom” to appeal to both foodies and regular folks.)


Pretentio’s is the proposed name of my new fake restaurant, where we slap patrons as they enter just for daring to try to eat at our place.
 boyd sinners
red white double s blue background
It’s interesting to watch a local town get clobbered for logo work. It’s almost a crime for someone as satirical as me to criticize the needless complexity and disconnectedness of graphic work by others. If you can’t easily draw it without confusion, it is not a great logo. Anyone can criticize, of course, which is why I made one which played by all the rules, at great expense to my last iota of sanity. PS: ALL slogans grow stale and pointless.
nathan lane

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