The Abilene Paradox Is Alive And Well

abilene paradox.jpg


Abilene Paradox Wikipedia

An explanatory video of the Abilene Paradox

It seems like I’ve seen this in action more in the last few months than I had in the last few years combined. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older or perhaps I’m just over-thinking things.

I listen to people interact at work or when discussing their personal lives and see the Abilene Paradox in their words and actions. Quite often I am the voice of dissent or ‘pull,’ trying to get others to stop and honestly walk themselves through decisions.

It’s fascinating.

At first glance, many people feel it is just a clever turn of phrase, not realizing that it accurately expresses a common problem we tend to experience.


When I posted the picture below a couple of years ago, people didn’t take a second to understand it and thought I was being clever or had just made it up.

Everyone Has A Choice




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