Butthurt With Humor



This simple graphic reminds me that it is both unwise and illegal to settle customer complaints with a skillet or garden shovel, as popularized by Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner.

I made another stack of reminders that I can keep in my wallet and then hand to people who are obliterating the boundary separating reasonable & petulant. Years ago, I had similarly-themed business cards made with such a logo and words. They were a big hit with everyone – except those who found no humor in being reminded that not all complaints deserve the same level of attention or remediation. But it is wondrous to hand someone one of these and watch the surprised and horrified realization of the note applying to them crawl across their face.

PS. I love creative whining. If you’re going to complain, strive for doing it in a way that probably hasn’t been done before. I will listen to interesting complaints all day. With a smile.


Fake T-Rex Parkour 

It is totally unrelated to my post, of course, but the expectation of relevance bores me. smile emoticon

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