A Few Pictures…



x color world

The simple dreams. If each of us could see the world this way, too colorful to make small, too diverse to reduce to black and white.



An analogy for either sports or prolonged politics…



batman rule

While I do enjoy standing menacingly along the edge of rooftops in low nocturnal light, this doesn’t make me Batman. Likewise, just because I might be great in one arena in knowledge or life does not grant me expert status in any other.



(I posted this to social media to poke a friend.) Given the collective age at the recently-announced April get-together, I’m certain that a large asteroid is going to wipe us all out if we do convene.


cabin 4 wisterial january (35)


Wedding anniversaries are either a testament to the greater patience and perseverance of women or an indication that the threat of punishment for murdering us in our sleep is an adequate deterrent.


julia 81st bday (13)

I recently bet a writer friend of mine, “Any fool can write a romance novel.” She challenged me to do so; here it is: “He apologized sincerely, handed her the remote, finished the foot rub, moved away the dishes to do later, and asked what he could do to make his mother-in-law happier. They lived happily ever after.” She owes me $100. Random House Publishing optioned the book for two million dollars.



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