Our Cat Güino and Our New Pixie Crowder


Recently, I had someone make Dawn a magical fairy and pixie door. Like most magic novices, we didn’t realize that we were dabbling in both adventure and mischief. There are no ‘tame’ pixies, evidently.

Many times Dawn exits, I’ve heard faint echoes of a discordant banjo or of a high, lilting voice singing unfamiliar melodies. I think our pixie is named Crowder, as I’ve seen it written in the dust above the refrigerator and on a loose piece of carbon paper I left atop the coffee table one morning. He won’t use the obvious methods of communication – believe me, I’ve tried.

This picture is of our cat Güino sitting on a stool, looking out to watch Dawn, who had went outside to cool off. It was a typical Saturday morning. I imagined I heard singing and waited. I couldn’t see Crowder, but Güino’s fur stood on end as the soft voice increased in intensity. A bright light moved across the baseboard, a light muffled as if by gauze or cotton. Just as the light neared the tip of the cat’s tail, I heard a soft laugh ring out, more like a cackle.

Instantly, a narrow beam of light emanated from below Güino and his ears tripled in length. Güino didn’t jump. All he did was meow the most plaintive and surprised noise I’ve ever heard emanate from a cat. The hair on the back of my neck stiffened.

That’s when I snapped this picture, the best evidence I can provide that Dawn’s surprise Fairy Door is working. Crowder laughed maniacally again and the effused light vanished.

I know I photoshop often but even a critical review of this picture will substantiate that nothing behind the cat’s ears is distorted, which would be the ‘tell’ for editing or manipulation.

I await further shenanigans from Crowder. I think Dawn does too. She was happy I bought her a magical door but even more excited to know that we invited a mischievous friend to live in our house with us.

The cat is not amused, though.

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