Friday Madness


It is dangerous to assume people will recognize humor, that is for certain.






“Some detractors are telling Bruce Springsteen he should take his music off the radio, as he’s letting bigots hear it there. His reply: “What are you talking about? They never listen to anyone.” – X


“If you operate a store, unless you can see the person’s genitals, you should never comment or change how you do business based on what they might or might not do with them. Unless you live in Alabama or Mississippi, this should address the problem.” – X




I was walking near St. Bernard in New Orleans. My friends warned me to be careful before I went out. It was about 9 p.m. on a late August day. A sketchy-looking guy wearing dirty and ripped clothing leaned away from a dark building and asked me how I felt about dog fighting. I looked at him quietly for a moment and then replied, “I’ll do it so long as I don’t have to stay on all fours again.” That guy ran from ME.



Sheriff Chuck Wright does have a point – the one on top of his pinhead. But it sells well to that certain crowd – you know which one – those who seem like they’ve just experienced a surprise lobotomy.

( “No one mentioned in that article is racist, but they are waiting for a sale on pillowcases and scissors.” – X)



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