Typically Atypical



If you come into work early, no one ever notices.

If you leave early, everyone thinks you’re a slacker. – Reddit

Sincerely, (Someone who is at work before you even think of hitting ‘snooze.’)


Yesterday, I put my foot in my mouth on purpose, just to demonstrate that hypocrisy has its limits, only to find that the hypocrites own about 400 shoes.


Constantly overheard quote at work: “At ____________, we are family.” If that is the case, you won’t mind if we pop open a few cold ones and proceed to scream at each other about things we did to each other 10 years ago?


“Faith is knowing that the stairs are still there at 4 a.m. Experience is not running down them three at a time in the dark. Wisdom is not pointing at your spouse at the bottom of the stairs and laughing.” – X


“You can choose your own opinion, but not your own facts.” The contradiction of this cliché is what leads so many not only to walk the path of willful ignorance, but to prance along its way. Or, as a scholar might say, “The reason it smells like flowers to you is because you are mowing your neighbor’s petunias.”


That moment of sublime perverse celebration; seeing the blue sky above and knowing that although you might not be here in 10 years to see it, someone else will gaze up and notice.


Saturday Night Fight = Arkansas Theater

(Just asking, after a friend posted about yet another brawl where she lives.)


When you’re hungry, you hear weird things. Watching HGTV – and I was certain the voiceover person said they were buying a property on the island of Santa Marinara.


Here I am again, wishing I had been a pro football player; at least with a history of concussions, all of this nonsense might seem more reasonable – or I could forget between days.

(A brief commentary on a Monday workday…)


The most accurate and stupidest picture I’ve yet created. Unfortunately, not only is the circus mine, but I’m one of the monkeys. Millions of years of evolution has led us to these ill-devised systems that mulch us like discarded leaves.

x monkey 2

(No matter how weird your friends are, I’m fairly certain that none of them have made a picture as ridiculous as this one.)

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