Trump’s Omen


In honesty, I made this with great care, not even intending to insult or ridicule. It’s a portent and omen of our misguided belief that we can use anger and fear to change anything, no matter how broken, into something positive.

If you look in the center, you can see another face apart from Trump, representing the untamed thing that Trump birthed during his campaign. He is merely the figurehead, having tapped into an ancient fear of the ‘other.’ It’s not Trump nor Trump ‘the man’ per se which will be our challenge – it is the valve he opened into people’s hearts. We can only hope that we can navigate the murkiness that could envelop all of us.

Populists are dangerous for specific reasons, tending to overtake the ideas they originally espouse.

Rising rivers seldom take heed of what’s in their paths – and collectively, we are capable of much harm to one another.

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