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After being asked for culinary advice at least 37 times a day, I present the one indisputable fact governing all other cooking and gastronomical guidelines:

4256 x 2848 black.jpg


Day 3 of a friend’s social media fast… I imagined what words might come to her as she traveled back to meet the present. Despite all its weaknesses social media is not a zero-sum game: we can derive more than we put in if we choose it to be so. PS:the picture is of her when she was a sapling.



Day 2 of a friend’s social fasting: a hybrid educational/ophthalmological joke…




A congratulations for some talented kids on deciding to do their first album as Buddy Holly cover songs. Jackson does a spot-on impersonation of the legend. The Jackson Tres takes us back to the golden age of music.




Since my friend Marjay is still absent from social media, I’d like to share a story:

A few months ago, Mike and Marjay wanted to go scout some retirement facilities suitable for them both. (Just a couple more years to go. Yay!) Since they are both movie fans, they found one that seemed to have all the amenities a themed facility might offer.





One I made, below:

Meryl Streep, StreepFighter.



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