Goals: This Post is Not About Those



If you know people from a variety of backgrounds and religions, all of whom are great people, it’s difficult to feel much superiority when you see how fulfilled their lives are, even when guided by a different unseen hand.


The above picture caused considerable consternation on social media. Many people wrote me and asked, “Do those who seem to be offended by this picture not understand they seem to be admitting that it applies to them?” The question lingers.


A visual after dinner mint if you plan on watching the news tonight.

cruel and unusual final


This one popped out of my mouth when someone was attempting to feebly admonish me for a sense of humor.




Miley Cyrus’ new CD of re-imagined children’s songs is interesting. The first single: “Twerking On the Railroad.”



For aficionados of really, really bad jokes…



…And if it’s not something at least approximating a right, I’d like to know for which ideal the eagle flies… PS: I’m not posting this to change your mind, which is unswayable, but to say how far left my vision extends.








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