Two Thoughts


I follow my own advice; I write several thousand words a week. I don’t expect people to clamor in appreciation or even agreement. If we would all take a moment to express and create, we might do so imperfectly – and we might alienate some folks. But in so doing, if you do so honestly and without a sharpened arrow, you are opening your door for them to know you and understand you. If they choose to dislike or distrust that person at the door, you have done both yourself and the other person a favor. So many people obsess over the opinion of the anonymous, sometimes forgetting that people are often to assume the absolute worst or wrong thing about you without any basis whatsoever. If you don’t like celery, don’t pretend you do; and if you hate that we can fund war, which is almost unsolvable, but rarely hunger, which is, then say so – comfort is for each person to find in his or her own way.





With practiced scorn they look upon the less fortunate, convinced their steps and choices were made and placed upon some invisible red carpet: this gigantic sphere, separated by imagined lines of supremacy.




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