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One day, my pepperoni arteries will give up, leaving a pile of bones. Unlike so many, though, I won’t leave behind a blank page. Blank pages have given people so much license to corrupt the ideas of those who’ve died before them. Even though my crazy beliefs have evolved over time, you can go back and see common themes, most of which shine like a searchlight. I’ve been punching the same litany of themes for so many years, hoping that whatever it is that I think will linger just long enough to silence the inevitable parade of goofs who will try to overshadow what I clearly expressed with phrases like, “I think he really actually thought this,” or some variation thereof. It is not where you started, it is where you end up. As we compile our own list of missteps and errors, we eventually tend to figure out a better path, even if our trip along it is cut short.
It is a lazy and uninteresting game for other people to accuse you of being ashamed of your own people. Where I was born and to what degree I acquire a sunburn are factors I can’t claim as a choice. All worthy spiritual thinkers point to our collective and innate worth – none of them tend to throw darts at a map. It’s more important to use our incredible minds and vast resources to sweep everyone into the circle we identify as our ‘tribe.’ It not only will save us all and keep us closer to the message, but it will remind us that each of us was dropped into the place we inhabit out of sheer luck. To pound one’s chest in pride toward things beyond your control is an abdication of the task we’ve been assigned as human beings.
With great satisfaction, they crowed about being a member of a “nation of laws,” as if slavery wasn’t once legal – and ratified by those we hold in such high esteem.

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