A Mixed Bag of Thoughts

“You have a way with words, and I’m surprised words haven’t pressed charges.” – X


A reminder that we don’t share the same outlook on time or of ‘priority,’ a modern word distorted to fool us into thinking whatever we are doing is necessary.

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Recently, I wrote the following on another friend’s social media. A big argument had developed, as it always seems to, about privilege. I wrote it almost involuntarily and although it’s imperfect, it caused the imagined reaction.

“Too much protesting these days,” the man said, wiping his already reddened neck, heated by the overhead sun. Behind him, I could see his immense house shimmering, his two vehicles sitting in the driveway.

“If you ask me, these colored folks need to learn their place. All this protesting is just going to make it worse for them. Can’t they see that? Why can’t they just appreciate how good they have it?” The man paused for a second, thinking. “We gave them their freedom and they just can’t see the forest for the trees.”

“This ain’t no better than them out in the streets protesting the Vietnam thing. The president wouldn’t send our boys there unless there was a good reason. Communism is the devil! We shouldn’t be letting folks disrespect our boys over there fighting.”

And so it goes, privilege blinded by its own image.



“One of life’s greatest pleasures is to be patient enough to feel like you’ve been underestimated.”


I watched a movie based on the Nat Turner rebellion recently; it’s a tough choice when you want the underdog to win, especially when the necks of your own ancestors would have been affected.




As another round of young people embark on their nascent voyage into the ‘real world,’ I would like to first remind them there is no universal reality, at least not that we can commonly agree upon. You should always listen to anyone giving advice, but always bear reluctance toward those who command you to ‘be realistic.’ Even if they mean well, it is their reality, warts and beautiful moments alike, which guides them. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this vast world.

The wondrous things in life might often require years of preparation, yet remind yourself that the things you will regard as miraculous and those people who radiate the essence of what we admire – each of them frequently laughs in the face of expectation. It is damned near impossible to joyously walk through life unless you are confident about stepping off the path when you need to. If you trip and fall and then pretend it was your intention to stumble, to begin with, change course – for so much of our lives is adapting ourselves to the lives we discover ourselves to be in.

The membrane which separates the years of your life is a thick, impenetrable entity unto itself.

You won’t truly know how colorful youth was until you’ve lived these thousands of days, put on trial by both trivial and tragedy.








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