Cleanliness Is Next To What?



It’s never a great idea to make a grown man cry.

I called a mobile car detail service. The young gentleman exited his van and shook my hand. I pointed to my allegedly white Ford Focus in the driveway. The man’s face immediately wrinkled as he inspected the outside. (The DMV added ‘allegedly white’ to its list of approved colors last year, thanks to me.)

“We do all variety of vehicles,” he told me proudly. “We’ve seen everything, X!”

He opened the driver’s door and leaned inside. He immediately stepped back out, his face suddenly blanched and tight.

After he returned from running down the block and realizing he needed his van to get out of my neighborhood, I handed him a kleenex. He dutifully wiped away the tears and just shook his head.

“Sorry, X. Apparently, we haven’t seen EVERYTHING.”

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