June 30th, 2021

It begins.

The ending.

And with it, another beginning.

By coincidence, thanks in part to Covid, my divorce was final yesterday.

I just got a call from the mover, advising me that the next phase of my life starts in 17 minutes. I hope I carry forward the enthusiasm I have for life and jettison any bitterness that might infect me. Whatever lessons I was supposed to learn, I hope they stick with me. I also hope that all my errors are new ones and not repeats.

Once you jump out of the plane, you have to hit the ground; how you hit is up to you. P.S. I just took this picture of my cat Guino, who is staying in East Springdale. ..

3 thoughts on “June 30th, 2021”

      1. In truth it is just a moment in a life. How it’s experienced weird, happy, thoughtful, inevitable, sad, releasing, and/or any of a multitude of emotions kinda depends on the distance of time the “divorce” is viewed from.

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