The Joy Of Color

Someone stole my thunder regarding color! “You snooze, you lose,” indeed.

I took the top off my desk a while back because it wouldn’t go through a standard-size door. I gave the wood to someone who’d use it. It’s a cheap desk, but it’s survived a comparative lifetime of use. It bridges the gap between several lifetimes.

After I moved, I kept looking at the scarred surface of my desk, hating its lack of color. This week, I fixed that problem.

I didn’t go big, so to speak. But I took a moment to consider what color hits me in the face. It’s this blue.

Now that I have an infinite palette to choose from, I find myself trying to convince myself that “too much color” is a real concern. Y’all will laugh when my new shower curtain arrives.

I look at my blue box fan, red rocking chair, spa blue Keurig, cotton candy car, my orange-red shirt, and the metal works I spray-painted…

And then I look at the gorgeous red-orange sunset in front of me, narrated by the wall of insects. Too much color isn’t a real concern.

I look out and into the sky, and all I see is Divine.

Deep blue.

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