An X Repurposed

I repurposed another canvas.

It’s hard to believe that a version of this was once my entire legal name – and my signature.

Because I drove a jalopy, I once had it spray-painted on a really old, ugly Datsun.

I remember when I went to the DMV with a letter from the director of the agency for the entire State of Arkansas. “You can’t just have one name, especially one letter on a driver’s license.” I showed her the letter. “In that case, you can’t sign your name with a pictograph like that, either.” I showed her another letter. She not only learned that people are weirder than she thought, but that she didn’t know everything.

“X” equals the unknown, after all.

You’d think people would expect someone with such a ridiculous name to be both prankster and informed.

P.S. I cooked six chicken breasts in foil today at the apartment, half expecting the place to catch fire when I did so. In that case, I’d be serving blackened chicken for supper, I suppose.

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