The Mosaic Of This

Walgreens ought not to tempt me with amazing deals on prints.

I needed an excuse to go the next mile with another project.

These 50+ pictures will certainly help.

Thanks, Walgreens, for giving me pictures that weren’t mine, too. I’m sure that my face reflected confusion and then amusement. Whoever the lady is in the images in my envelope, you have an AMAZING sense of fashion. I’m not being snarky.

When I got the email, I locked the door and made what I presumptively thought would be a quick trip to pick the pictures up. I left my painting project on the railing. It rained hard again. Luckily, it didn’t do too much damage. I finished the coats of paint and waited for the lid portion of the ornate box to dry.

Standing on the balcony, watching the deep sunset, the hummingbirds buzzed around me. The biggest one became even more daring. Last night, it landed an inch from my right hand. Tonight, it landed briefly on my forearm. I held my breath and smiled. When it flew away, for the briefest second, I flew away with it.

I came back inside and turned the ceiling lights out, watching the array of LEDs above the cabinets do their magic. The video doesn’t include the LED app lights that respond to music. They are the light equivalent of mushrooms. My living bedroom is a series of colorful projects and pictures.

I keep forgetting that I can spread out into the large kitchen area and even into the two unused bedrooms. No one is going to admonish me for the sprawl, the hundreds of pieces of colorful paper, the paintings, the whimsical artwork, or even the unhung canvases.

I’m going to go out back out on the balcony and listen to the symphony of insects, traffic, and the voice in my head.

I hope it’s always this way, no matter what the future holds.

Love, X

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