They Gave Me The Gift OF Gratitude

I am sitting here at my desk, trying to find the words to write another truth. This one is a stone in my throat.

This story unfolded minutes ago.

As life does, a story walked up, disguised as a man and woman. They went to the dumpster in the front. Both had backpacks. The woman fearlessly climbed up and inside. The man stood to the side.

My heart opened unexpectedly. I got my full coin jar next to the door and exited the apartment.

I swallowed my uncertainty and approached the man. There’s no doubt he expected an admonishment from me.

Who am I to judge?

“This is for you,” I told him. I handed him the heavy glass jar.

“The jar has sentimental value. The coins have real value. I want y’all to have it.”

He was dumbstruck. The realization that I walked over to surprise him with a gift instead of cursing him washed over him.

He looked at his girlfriend or wife and said, “Did you see what he just gave us? I can’t believe I’m tearing up.”

I reached out and shook his hand.

“Don’t you want the jar back? If it has value to you?”

“No, I’ve had it for 20+ years. I’m in a new life now.”

We shared comments back and forth. He said he’d give the jar to his dad, who loves such things.

“I hope karma repays you, X.” It was odd he used the word ‘karma’ to me. It permeates so much of my life.

The last thing I said to him, when I turned and walked away: “I’ve got a good life and more than enough.”

The woman did an expert job at rummaging inside the dumpster, a place most wouldn’t dare enter.

As I finished this, I got a text thanking me for going out of my way to tip a delivery driver. Twice.

I think I have it better than I realize.

Step outside into the overcast day. I’m sending out a wave of gratitude. Even in this place, there are moments of clarity.

Love, X

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