Of Brooches, Broaches, And Coincidences

The world is more interconnected than I’d imagine, even though I think about this often.

I received a text today: “X, the brooches are 1/2 off. You ought to come and add to your collection.”

Not having a-n-y idea who the text was from, I resisted the urge to reply. Before making it home, I imagined that it could only be one of two places, so I pulled into the flea market parking lot and went inside.

I limited myself to four, although they were affordable.

When I went to pay for them, I didn’t mention the text.

“Hello, X,” the cashier said.

The cashier remembered me, noting I didn’t have a brooch on my shirt today. (I’d forgotten it, along with several other things, even though I had the items next to the door.) I still had on my work badge. It is difficult to overlook the single large “X” on it.

“You can’t beat half off of something you’d buy for full price,” she added.

I told her that I was about to embark on making my own and deciding whether to get soldering tools or use felt and glue. With enough creativity, just about anything can be converted to a brooch or clip.

“But I will still stop by and see what catches my eye. It’s mainly color, of all kinds.”

When I got home, I laughed, realizing that one of today’s projects was painting some long floor tiles cobalt metallic blue. They, of course, aren’t going on the floor. What kind of foolishness would that be? 🙂

Part of my laugh was that it didn’t occur to me to ask who sent the text, or if I had encountered multiple coincidences by picking that particular flea market.

The mystery remains.

And I love that this is true.

P.S. Grammatically speaking, both ‘broach’ and ‘brooch’ are correct for these pieces of jewelry.

Love, X

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