Wayne Dyer Spoke In A Dream

I had a dream last night. It woke me up because I thought I was in the moment, awake, somewhere else. I’m not one to analyze dreams. This one required no introspection. It was a blunt message from my subconscious.

Wayne Dyer somehow was alive again. He stood at the front of the theater, speaking to four or five of us in the audience. He apologized for all the cancellations but said that the universe obviously wanted only us to hear the message:

“Love is omnidirectional. Meaning, happy and loving people radiate acceptance not just for the friends and family inside their narrow bubble, but also toward every single person around them. You can be fulfilled and love those closest to you fiercely. But you’ll never be who you’re supposed to be if you cut off that holy part of yourself that finds friends everywhere. Not all those you find will reciprocate. In fact, many of them will react to you with indifference and perhaps even callousness. That’s on them – not you. You must be omnidirectional in everything you do. When you leave here tonight, I’ll be gone. One day, you’ll be gone, too. Find a way to express your love for everything. If you have the attitude of acceptance and intimacy in your heart, the best things and people will find a way to be around you. Trust me. I love you all.”

Wayne walked off stage, leaving us sitting there. When I stood up to leave, I woke up.

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