She set the timer for six hours, trusting that technology would rescue her from laziness the next morning.

Her entire life, she lived, expecting tomorrow to be better.

Today, as her head filled with hope and optimism, she had decided to ask the universe for a dual-citizenship: one homeland being her past, the other being her future.

If she jettisoned her past without appreciating the lessons, she knew she would never be happy.

A friend of hers had confessed that he woke up one morning to hear a bell in his head, one that revealed that he could succeed after twenty years of failure.

“Just like that?” she asked him.

He nodded. The way he nodded conveyed the truth of his acknowledgment.

For days, the idea of an awakening had plagued her. She silently begged the universe for such a revelation.

As she sat in traffic, waiting for the interminable light to change, she realized that her life was stuck in traffic. Though she didn’t hear a bell, the simplicity of the movement she needed became clear to her.

She came home and moved through the quotidian chores that fill people’s lives. The rituals needed to complete her evening passed without notice. She was on autopilot. For years.

Until she brushed her teeth. As she looked in the mirror, it hit her. She was the author of her own destiny.

Tomorrowland was hers.

She couldn’t wait to surprise the world with her revelation.

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