A Goodbye To Some At Work

My employer offered people with seniority a generous retirement package. And so, as of Wednesday, a lot of familiar faces will vanish.

Someone once said that God only knows everything because he’s been around forever. It’s the same way with some of these people. They make their jobs look effortless at times because they are so familiar with every possible wild contingency. And somehow, they’ve avoided slowly going crazy by the way the rest of us behave.

Every time someone with longevity leaves, I’m surprised by my reaction. That’s how I know that behind their eyes, they will miss their coworkers. Some of them as friends, and some of them as familiar faces.

They will leave holes. Some of it will be work-related and the rest… well, it will be a loss of banter, laughter, and yes, sometimes, disagreement.

I hope everyone lands softly as they start whatever they choose to be their next chapter.

Love, X

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