02092015 Quick List… Do I Believe?

Demons? Demonic possession? No.
Ghosts? No.
Horoscopes/astrology? No.
Contact from beyond the grave? No.
Angels watching over us? No.
UFO abductions? No. 
Cryptids: Loch Ness Monster? Bigfoot? No.
Hauntings? No.
Werewolves, vampires, elves, trolls? No.
Reincarnation? No.
Telepathy?  ESP? Psychokinesis? No.
Bermuda Triangle? (The phenomenon, not the “place.”)  No.
Ouija boards? No.
Witchcraft, spells, sorcery? Occult? No.
Clairvoyance? Remote viewing? No.
Auras? No.
Therapeutic touch? Modern miracles? Homeopathy? No.
Precognition? No.
Astral projection? No.
Weather control? No.
Mind Control? No.
Time travel? No.
Magnetic power? No.
Crop circles? No.

For a couple of the examples, I know people who I trust and they believe. But not me.

According to a couple of the very long tests I did online, I should never be afraid to open the closet in a dark, quiet room.