02042015 Not Listening!

Recently, another person told me that I was mistaken about my own basic beliefs. Whether it was politics, ethics, or something else doesn’t matter. What rises to the level of noticeable importance is that this person was insisting that I didn’t know my own inclinations and ideas. He or she would be one of those people to color or characterize my life, motives, and actions separate from reality.


One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to note what I was thinking, my general ideas, and especially, to make sure that the revisionists didn’t go the same boring route they always do: change facts or ideas to suit their own agendas or ideas.

The person I was talking to might not have reacted well had I called a verbal timeout and pointed out the rude idiocy of him or her telling me that I was mistaken about what I believe or don’t believe. If we are all free-thinking adults, I should have politely insisted that he or she knock off that particular line of insistence. But we stay silent sometimes, letting the louder mouth think that the battle has been won.

But the person was wrong and off base.

I imagine that this happens several times a week, but goes unnoticed in the busy patchwork of my life.

As incomplete as this blog is, I am glad that it is here. Even though my ideas change over time, they at least provide a footpath for someone to walk on. Regardless of what someone is shouting from the grass along the walk.