A Sample Xmas Story For a Friend

Below is a simple Xmas story I wrote for a friend, to post on his social media page.  He had a good scare a few weeks ago. While we don’t see one another often, we once shared a huge overlap in family and concern.

I tried to keep the story simple. I could have worried about how me might interpret it or create imaginary consequences and either made it lukewarm or ineffective. Like life, though, we are going to be misunderstood by so many no matter who careful we are or the words we choose.




Post: “This is a Christmas story. Like all good stories, it wouldn’t have an impact if people we know and love weren’t major cast members to the plot.
Everyone knows the story of Santa’s letter to Virginia, beseeching her to hold out faith in Santa. It’s one of the most powerful messages known to us as a culture.
Many of us prance through life, confident in the magical stories of our childhood: Santa’s reward on Christmas morning, the reindeer diligently traveling the world, showering young hearts with the things they most desire, or even of the ritual of surprising Saint Nick with cookies and milk. (Or a shot of whiskey and a plate of potato chips if we really want to make Santa smile with glee…)
However, there is a dark side to the season. No moment is more sombrous than that in which an adult realizes that his or her family and friends no longer believe in the miracle of Christmas and all that Santa brings to us..
Several years ago, I had the unfortunate experience of seeing such a somber occasion. I watched in horror as Mark Adams looked around the room at the faces of those he loved, growing increasingly certain that they no longer believed in Santa Claus. It’s a moment which often knocks without invitation in my mind, usually as the season approaches, even as my anticipation of the yuletide days encroach on the calendar.
Despite my reluctance, I decided to take a photo of his distress. I did so as a remembrance to vow never to deliberately or inadvertently endeavor to lessen another person’s sense of wonder toward the world. That picture is the one accompanying these words. But don’t despair! Christmas stories inevitably come around to a time of surprise and good resolution. Be of cheer, so the saying goes.
Mark’s belief in Santa didn’t abate on that day, however. As family and friends hugged him and gave him gifts, the spirit of both Santa Claus and Christmas renewed itself. It seems trite to say it, but the spirit of Christmas is best increased by those we treasure.
Today, Mark is a happy, content fellow and Christmas is his yearly reward. As Mark lies down to slumber on Christmas Eve, he thinks of his own son, Jaxon, wondering if visions of Santa fill his youthful head, too. Of Shawndie, as she balances the weight of family and frivolity. And he smiles, hoping against all hope that those he loves can come to believe and renew their happy abandonment of the pressures of the daily world.
Magic floats in the air, waiting for each of us to reach for it, embrace it, and spread it to others.
As we do, might we live happily ever after?”     (End of post.)



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