Using Facebook’s “Create Page” For Amusement

Facebook is a feature-rich social media platform. Used properly, it can open up a world of content and opportunity.

Of course, I’d rather use it to amuse myself. Toward that end, I periodically create a page and use it to promote whatever craziness I can devise. It’s easy to set a new page up in a just a few minutes. I’ve found, however, that the more time spent making it look authentic adds to the fun when people begin to find it and comment on it.

Like any effort, you get as good as you give.

The more creative the content, the more perplexed your accidental visitors seem to get, especially if you add real business information to the pages. For addresses, I usually find a real street address which no longer has a structure on it. Just put on your creativity hat and you can devise clever means to provide a phone number, web presence and photos.

If humor is your goal, it is staggering how much snark and jab you can pack into satire and parody without drawing the ire a personal Facebook page might.

For this particular one, I created a fake hair salon, “Hair To Displease You,” and insisted we all had cosmology licenses, which can give you the wrong impression if you’re not paying attention. My posts were mostly social commentary disguised as specialty haircuts or goofiness associated with the issues of customer service a business might encounter.

You can google for interesting sites, too. There are a lot of them, covering just about any topic you can imagine.





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