A Friday Barrage of Pictures


adam ruins everything

I only wish there were 2,652 episodes of the show. There is so much misinformation in the world. I guess I should stop making it up?


alligator friend

I wrote this for someone who lives in California, aka “The Polka State.”

arm of leg


bette davis font

This joke is potentially completely off the charts for the young whippersnappers crowd.

can you find


dr oz


fame thrower





This one was during a conversation with an actual boss.



logic meets bureaucracy

Because no matter how great your idea, there is inevitably a manager who will strangle either you, or the implementation of the idea.




look away from a sunset


no news fox news

If you are a Fox News fan, no offense is intended, although I did send this one to the RNC headquarters for pre-approval. They laughed, so you should too.




Because honestly, those marketing geniuses are creating ideas faster than I can mock them. Just shuffle a few letters around and we have something to work with here. You’re welcome, Springdale.




sunset b


the mirror hyprocrisy

This above statement is so true that I almost went back in time when I created it.




z elegeanteee

I made this for a friend because she loves “Sons of Anarchy.” Plus, rumor has it she can’t ride a bicycle without smacking her head into the low branches of a tree.

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