An Angel Sings For Heaven


The truth is you may never know who hears or sees your words, music, or life, nor what lessons are derived.

Many voices have withered through the inattention that life’s unending demands heap upon us.

What is done without perfected reflection is at times the best fruit to be consumed, just as the best smile is one born from unstudied happiness: life blossoms where it will.

Let us not forget to appreciate talent where we find it.

(I borrowed a friend-of-a-friend’s video and used the music, as I’m not sure the person singing and playing appreciates the sheer talent or practice reflected in her efforts. I ask forgiveness for hearing something ethereal and celestial in the music.)

The above video is a song I slightly modified from a friend’s twitter feed. He’s playing the piano. When I heard it, lyrics seemed to jump out and hit me in the face. Luckily, he seemed to like my interpretation of his work.

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