7 on Thursday

Sarcasm and satire are the most delicious tools for commentary; not only because they contain an element of truth, but also because they convey the message with a flourish that delights the sender and befuddles the recipient. Edit: Use sparingly and rarely on friends, as reactions may vary.

head up ass

(*No friends were harmed in the making of this meme…)



“…Details matter and assumptions are a problem, both in retail & life…” -x



church choir

Go only where you are wanted? But let your light shine!



My writing publicist emailed me and told me I hadn’t offended enough people lately & that I need to focus on providing thinly-veiled avenues for the weirdos to seethe about. It’s Malcolm X’s birthday today. Many people forget that he converted to Sunni Islam, the world’s largest religious denomination, a year before his death, after rejecting the Nation of Islam. Naturally, they killed him, which proves no matter what you believe, it is safer to whisper it inside a dark closet. Edit: PS – Like Obama, I’m not muslim, either. And my birth certificate was altered when I changed my name, too, although I’ve never been to Hawaii.



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