A Colorful Alternative

As I look out upon the sheer magnitude of weird and inspirational, I laugh and rejoice when I see people who have the same ideas that streak through my mind. A Canadian man named Jeff Janzen lost his son in an auto accident in 2012. His son was an artist, while Jeff works with cars. Jeff spent a while fixing his son’s car and then painting in black. He and some friends signed the hood in celebration – and then the stroke of genius hit him. The car now has 4,000+ signatures and messages adorning it, from people all over the world. People hear his story and share theirs. It is an incredible way to carry forth a person’s memory.

I’ve written before about how interesting I think our lives and cars would be if we could paint them all in chalkboard paint – or paint to allow friends and strangers to write on our vehicles. Not only would it break our ridiculous obsession with the superficial appearance of our vehicles, but might inspire everyone to think more creatively.

Likewise, I keep meaning to start another signature wall inside my house or garage. Each time someone visits, I could ask them to write their name or the date. In no time, the wall would be a testament to a shared life and something noteworthy. I don’t know if you can picture in your mind how glorious something like this could turn out to be. Imagine if your grandparents had done this starting when they bought their first house. It would now be filled with personal memories for the world to see.

In time, of course, time and circumstance will eventually erode everything around us. But for these brief butterfly moments that delight us, the world would be a brighter place.

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