Still Wondering About That Jury…

I’m still slightly off guard about the idea that society has many people who don’t believe that mental illness is real – or that if it real, that it affects people so dramatically in their daily lives. The criminal case I was involved in a few weeks ago still echoes in my mind. Last night, I woke up with the remnants of dreams about it slipping away from me. I’m still astonished that people who think mental illness might not be ‘real’ were involved in a jury case that was predicated on the concept of mental illness. Whether it is a question of mental health assistance or counseling, disability assistance for those who need it, or being judged from the rational perspective of mental health issues, I am having a problem with those people around us who can’t even agree that it’s a real issue that affects all of us. I wish that anyone who needed it could get substance abuse help or mental health treatment without any conditions or limitations. What makes the denial such a problem is that most of those who don’t think it’s real know they sound ridiculous when they say it – so they whisper it or don’t admit it at all, even while they are voting, sitting on a jury, or making decisions that affect treatment for those who suffer. It’s likely that you are reading this and thinking that none of your friends or family believes that mental illness isn’t real. I promise you that you do and they do.

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