Various Pickles


“Never linger in a place where insufficient pie might become an issue.” – X

The above was one of many table drawings I made in Hot Springs last week.


If White-Out is for errors made with writing utensils on paper then Wipe-Out should be a product for errors made in one’s unmentionables.

“I studied Liquid Paper for several years. After careful examination, I invented a way to turn it from liquid paper into solid. And so… I invented paper.” – X



“Despite the edifices built to deny it / the roads paved to flee / both your happiness and dismay / with you, will forever be.” – X



I drew this one MUCH bigger than it looks in this picture, on a table covered in paper – it was a veritable invitation for craft time.












I used the long arrays of tables to draw everyone their own image or drawing. It is so much fun to watch hundreds of people walk by the things and words I spontaneously draw and write. I’ve had some great stories and reactions come out of them. I’ve thought it might make a great book, or be a big part of the “Things I’ve Overheard” book I’ll never finish.







(Name redacted to protect his ‘privacy.’)





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