A Song/Message of Obama Discussing Trump


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Warning: Political opinion. Skip now to protect your sanity!

I made a mp3 song/message, one in which Obama is featured giving remarks on Donald Trump during a press conference on Aug 2nd. I edited it 70 times to remove the ‘umms,’ and silences from his comments. Of course, I disagree with Obama on a few policy issues – but I never question his humanity or sanity. For anyone who questions his legitimacy or intelligence, I can only call into question the impartiality with which such conclusions occurred. (You’ll note in Obama’s comments that he had policy disagreements with McCain & Romney, but believes them to have been worthy of the office had they won.)  To imagine that Trump believes himself to be worthy of the office currently held by Obama is heretical to me. I’m not concerned that Trump will win the election. I’m concerned with the wavering eye with which so many embrace the inhumanity of the words and beliefs he shouts.  Anyone can shout the crazy things they believe. I had many bad examples in my youth that adequately demonstrated bigotry, prejudice and entitlement and the last thing I want is someone like Trump to stand in front of the nation and have a voice of authority.

Trump’s brand of callous impolite anti-intellectualism has been a disservice to the politicians who diligently work to get things done.

To paint all politics as corrupt is to hold a mirror up to your own cynical reflection of the world.

Trump is the sneering villain to Obama’s Batman. It is difficult to comprehend that they both are part of the same political process.

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