What’s The Worst Thing Imaginable?

As Jeff was leaving the doctor’s office, his phone rang. It was his realtor. He went home and found his wife seated at the kitchen table. She was nervously waiting for him.

They had bought a new house and had drastically adjusted their lives to accommodate the changes it would bring when they moved.

“Susie, I’ve got some bad news and worse news,” Jeff told his wife.

“What’s the bad news?” She nervously asked.

“The cyst is malignant and I have to have it surgically removed next week, followed by 8 weeks of chemo.” Jeff hated to tell her.

“Oh no! Ok, though. We’ll deal with it.” Susie almost shouted. “What’s the worse news?”

She couldn’t imagine worse news than a malignant cyst but she prepared herself for the worst possible thing imaginable.

After a pause, Jeff told her “Our new house is subject to an HOA.”

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