Unsolicited Advice

The anonymous internet sent me this message today:

“When you start advancing, moving toward goals, shit is going to get broken. Things will go wrong because your new behavior will disrupt the status quo and the routine you’ve previously lived. All of that is who you used to be and reality hasn’t caught up to the fact that you’re not going to be that same person. As you change, especially when the results kick in, the disruption will increase. Most of us judge that disruption to mean that we chose the wrong goals or we’ve chosen incorrectly. And then we often go backward. In the aftermath of anything positive, the result always looks like it was inevitable. But while we’re living it, it seems like the disruption (if not chaos) is a sign we’re doing it wrong or doing the wrong thing. All progress, personal or otherwise, makes a mess.”

2 thoughts on “Unsolicited Advice”

    1. I like when people want to send what they think is helpful advice to me. Even if I don’t immediately ‘get’ it, I do make an effort to think about it.


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