You Wow Me

As a person never short of words, I love shorthand such as “Karl,” or “Sorry about the rash.” It adds punch and mystery to language, gives rise to surprising laughter, and softens our hard edges to others.

“Wow” is a verb, without question.

Even in situations that aren’t romantic, we fall short when we can’t express admiration, encouragement, or even a bit of recognition for another person. So often, we’re afraid that it makes us vulnerable. So what? We’re already exposed and vulnerable.

In a typical day, there aren’t always moments that give rise to “You wow me.” But take a moment and imagine that someone took the time to get your attention and say these words to you.

If that isn’t a gift, not much is.

I hope that you were wowed by someone today. Or that you wowed another. As for tomorrow, look closer. You’ll see someone that might want to hear these words. Clear your throat, take a breath, and let these fluid words flow: “You wow me.”

Love, X.

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