Writing Wrongs

Earlier this year, I did what everyone fears.

I wrote an intensely personal email. It laid bare some of my recent experiences.

Because I had multiple email addresses in my contacts for the intended recipient, I chose an alternate one. Due to my fumbling fingers, I scrolled the available addresses accidentally and chose an unintended one.

And hit send.

I didn’t realize I had done so for two days, so ‘unsend’ wasn’t a viable option.

Because it was done, I wrote the unintended recipient and explained what I’d done, acknowledging he or she would have undoubtedly have read the email.

A week later, I got a reply. Yes, he or she had. They wished me luck.

After ten seconds of horror, I reminded myself that secrecy was its own problem and then laughed about it.

The story pops into my head sometimes, especially when I’m writing emails.

“But did you die?” is a good response to this story…


2 thoughts on “Writing Wrongs”

  1. Gah, I’m sure that if I did that, I would shrivel away into nothing out of pure embarrassment. But yes, asking yourself ‘did you die’ is a pretty good way of looking at it. Wishing you no more ‘wrong address’ emails in the future!

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