He, Among Many

I walked down the hill toward the parking lot. Because I arrive so early, I don’t habitually park there. Maybe it was luck or providence. I observed a man I see quite often, one who used to ride a bike but now walks and takes the bus. He was emptying his backpack into the little pantry by the road. I took out my wallet and pulled a $10 bill out. As I approached him, I told him that what he was doing was a fantastic thing, handing him the $10 bill, and letting him know it was for lunch or anything he wanted to use it for. He was a little bit speechless. I tapped him on the shoulder and said thank you. I know he was smiling under the mask. Both of us were rewarded. I walked away, feeling like for the second time today, I had made a connection that otherwise would not have happened.

PS I didn’t write this post to look good. I wrote it because that anonymous man deserves recognition. There is no way he has a lot. But he has somehow found a way to help others.

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