“God is the boat. You’re the Oar.”

On a long detour, I met the coolest cat working as a cashier at a Convenient-But-Costly store. It was the first time I saw him there. Funny, charismatic, and engaging.

“You could make a fortune in sales,” I told him.

“Too many tattoos. But thanks, you think so?” He smiled.

“Without a doubt. Tattoos don’t mean anything. You can’t teach your kind of engagement.” I meant it when I said it and I watched my words hit him a little bit.

He said something I didn’t quite catch, although I thought I did.

I said, “God is the boat. You’re the oar.”

He stopped as he was about to reply.

“That’s a great quote. Is it yours?”

“I don’t know, honestly. It popped out because I misheard your last comment.”

“I’m going to lay that one on my preacher when I see him.” He repeated the phrase back to me. He laughed. “And thanks for the compliment.”

“You’ve got the attitude, now find a way to launch your life. If this is what you love, keep on doing it.”

It was a weirdly deep conversation to have over a counter that usually held cigarettes, energy drinks, and fat-laden goodies.

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