Insult & Praise

“The internet does NOT make people stupider. It gives the stupider people more reach. And you’re one of them, X.”


I think this person doesn’t like my writing.

I wonder why they keep reading?

On the same day the above fan wrote to me, another friend reached out to tell me how much I’ve been on her mind, and how much she appreciates reading the wide range of things I share. I was touched. As with so many others, I had no idea she read much of my meanderings.

To my friend who reached out, thank you. Kind words are like sunshine on a cool October morning.

PS For those who reached out privately and shared their stories in response to my post “Addiction Road,” thank you. I knew I wasn’t going to get a lot of direct engagement. Those affected by addiction often can’t find a way to succinctly bare their souls. But I can say it is liberating to yield. It’s the only way for most of our problems and mental health. We all share the same humanity, whether it is beautiful moments or debilitating pain.

That’s me as a toddler in the picture…

Love, X

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