A Moment Tonight

It’s dimmed and obscured tonight
because I swallowed the moon

I will cough it up at dawn’s break

I stare up at the streetlight
It’s shape resembling the moon

I amble along atypical streets
smiling and whispering to strange dogs

I observe people unfamiliar
as they wind down their mundane days
Unknown stories written all around me

I slow my impatient feet
to see the transformed world in the evening light

As I pass an irregular reflective window
It serves me as a mirror
I stare at my reflection
not for reassurance but rather a revelation

Such a small moment
but one so sublime and tenuous
It’s both fragile and forceful

Whatever anxiety previously held me captive
has abandoned its hold

Because all journeys must end
my feet reluctantly turn back to home…
…to home
It’s never really a place

The October air holds its chill
yet it does not touch my heart

I wish you were here, whoever and wherever you are

The moon requested that I release it
so, I do, with these unskilled words

As you sit in your cocoon
look around secretly at those around you
Capture the moment

And the next time you witness the moon
Thank me for reminding you

That the world is large
and you are surrounded

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