Before, I felt rich. Not because of my house, car, or miscellaneous and extraneous things to fill them.

Now? I’m poorer but I still feel rich. Despite the emergency surgery and the financial drain of that craziness, I have a job and my feet grace the ground without much pain for my age.

I prize wittiness and humor, sarcasm, and even dark humor. Snark? I can’t get enough.

Around me, I do see people that should stop being so cruel. But I don’t characterize everyone as being prone to cruelty. On a long enough timeline, we are all going to be assholes. Yes, even you, Greg.

While there are limits, I can walk outside and run or walk for as long as I want.

I can get in the car and just drive. Anywhere.

I can open a book or a web browser and find a little slice of the world and fill my mind with things I’d never imagined.

I can communicate with millions of people through social media and forums.

I can eat in a multitude of places that will grace my mouth with culinary delight.

I can see people, hug, and listen as they tell their stories, the same ones that probably drive their partners or family crazy.

Normal life as we expect is impossible for much of the world.

We forget that achieving our innermost dreams is a great goal but unrealistic. And that leaves the ground we walk every day feeling a little bit frosty to us.

Only gratitude and realization can ever cure us of our dissatisfaction with so much to be happy for.

Our ancestors cherished tribe, food, fire, and safety. They strived for something better, faster, and more complicated. Now that we have it, we all sometimes know in our hearts that we have more than enough to fill this world with love, comfort, and hope if we but choose to.

To do so, we have to fill ourselves first.

I am rich.

Most of us are.

Love, X

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