Flawed Confidence

If you behave as if you believe you’re confident, even when you’re not, most other people believe it too. And if you wear clown shoes and talk like you’re crazy, people question you a whole lot less.

Most of the great people I know also hate something about themselves. It’s perplexing. Why is it we can see the exceptional in others but so seldom in ourselves?

As for flaws, it is impossible for you to be certain that someone else won’t find them to be endearing or fascinating. Unless your flaw is personality-driven, as when you practice hatchet-throwing in my direction.

So, stop looking at yourself that way.

If you’re not going to change it, revel in it. You’re living life for yourself, so that other people can see you for who are.

PS It is really hard to get to know a facade. Breathe fire if you can, flaws and all.

Love, X

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