Beep Beep

I’ve been challenged to write away from my moment-in-time or descriptive method – while still using emotion and moments. I wouldn’t call it poetry, so I’ll coin the word Xprosition.

Beep Beep

Beep beep, she repeated

my enthusiastic outstretched arms fell lifeless to my sides

and my heart was abruptly worn and defeated

the beep beep on the surface was sugary and benign

under the surface, though, it was by design

not that it was unfamiliar, this scarcity of plenty

but somehow, it was one time too many

how can affection willingly offered be too much

who among us has a full bank of stored love

it has to be replenished

never diminished

never quite finished

and who better to bank it than someone you love

i will keep my hands to my side for a while

but they are designed to reach out, to grasp, to hold

one day soon, perhaps, I’ll be bold

now, at this moment, my affection disposed

i bit my tongue, swallowed my words

avoiding truth, rejecting loneliness

self-confined behind impossible curbs

alone, though in company, inert arms at my side

the lesson taught again

yet seldom applied:

love is always enough if expressed honestly

affection is never authentically rejected

presence and proximity are not congruent

speak your heart and strive to be fluent

if the arms you seek do not open or smile

do not lose hope

reveal who you are

in time, place, and circumstance

another dance


beep, beep

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