Karen & The Chalk Rejoinder

As I was chalking up a sidewalk, a woman approached. I could tell she had something to say. She didn’t have a Karen name badge on but it was definitely her spirit animal.

“It’s a crime to use chalk on sidewalks,” she informed me. The tone of her voice was that of an indignant school marm from the 1800s.

I’m not proud that my sense of humor and the snark that overcame me. But I am giggling.

“The only real crime here is that you think those shoes go with those pants. As for the chalk, I will let children everywhere know that they are felons if they get out the sidewalk chalk.”

She snorted in disgust.

I wrote underneath my message and drawing: “Karen disapproves of this message.”

I will bet $100 she comes back in a few minutes and erases some or all of my beautiful artwork with her foot. Or perhaps her forked tongue.

Honestly, I’m glad she was snarky and mean. I get really tired of people being happy and tickled by me doing this.

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