3 a.m. DIY Lights

There’s nothing quite like wiring a DIY light kit using liquor bottles at 3 a.m. On the fly. The cat thinks I’ve lost my mind. The colors are much more vivid than they seem. I’m using my “Don’t Do Meth In Our Bathroom” candle to melt wax to hold the tiny microwire leads in place. It doesn’t smell like meth, though. Not that anyone would notice around here. Half-jokingly, I’d add that meth or marijuana might be the essence of spring, given how both smells seem to compete with the mountains of pollen accumulating everywhere.

The mason jars are regular solar lights I converted into mason jar solar lanterns. They were originally home to some of the best homemade salsa I had in a long time. You can’t see my fence in the background, but I added several more tiles to the mix. I think I have three dozen installed on the fence now, a variety of colors and sizes. Anyone allergic to gaudy color is gonna have a bad time here.

I was accused of not having enough color around here, so I thought I’d repurpose my strings of outdoor lights to make the bottles. I love solar lanterns – but nothing beats the consistency of electricity to power the magic of light in a place that desperately needs more to remind the inhabitants that a place is as good as you make it.

There’s a metaphor for life somewhere in all that.

Love, X

2 thoughts on “3 a.m. DIY Lights”

  1. I finally finished my patio construction project last week. And I plan to spend a few hours there after work for relaxation. I am currently adding potted plants, furniture, and another minimalist décor to make my patio feel more relaxing and aesthetics at the same time. Your DIY lights captured my attention. I think it would work well with my patio. I have plenty of unused mason jars in the kitchen cabinet. Thanks for the idea. Great job!


    1. Mason jars or anything will work! I’ve found that the most brilliant ones are large liquor bottles or something similar. Put the entire string of fairy lights in there. You can get sets for $5 or 6 dollars on Amazon.


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